Some counterparts are made in several sections because they either exceed the size of the panel of the surface manufacturers or do not allow complete transport due to the access to the installation site.
Those joints that are usually made between the different sections are unsightly and unhygienic, accumulating dirt and bacteria, which over time is what darkens and highlights even more on the color of the countertop.


Monoblock is a system which has been designed to eliminate these joints. It consists of two devices, one of them to draw a perfect design( grinding) of the sections to be joined in the contact surface, and the other to execute the installation of the counterpart, doing a perfect approximation and reducing the space between them (the joints), at the same time that it controls the height between the joint in order to leave two surfaces completely coplanar.

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Data sheet:
Total length: 1700mm
Total width: 860mm
Height: 1400mm
Weight: 245Kg
Electric current input: 400v
Water inlet: pneumatic tube diameter 6mm
Motor power: 1,5 KW